Gin, gin, glorious gin


Dig out the ruby liquid for the Rye News Home Brew Sloe Gin Competition being held on Friday March 30 at 7:30pm at Olde Worlde Wines in Cinque Ports Street. And look below for your chance to be a judge at this annual contest.
All entries must be home-made and submitted in a glass container containing at least 100ml of sloe gin for judging (more if possible, so we all can have a taste). Each container should be labelled with the name of person entering.  All entries will be blind-tasted by the judges.
Sloe gin makers can also leave their entries at Olde Worlde Wines ready for for the competition.
There is boom in gin sales helped by the growth in distilleries, with more than 300 in operation, more than twice the number that there were five years ago and with many producing craft gins, including sloe gin. In 2016 over nine and half million bottles were sold in the UK.
Win the chance to be a sloe-gin judge
A Rye News reader who is a gin enthusiast with a good constitution now has the chance to join the panel of judges. Answer the questions below and the winner will be drawn from all correct entries on March 25. Send your entries to

  1. What is the most popular mixer for gin?
  2. Name two styles of gin named after British cities
  3. What did William Hogarth promote as an alternative to gin?

Photo: Rye News Library

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