Grafting and fun at the allotment


Last Thursday, April 18, the South Undercliff Allotment Group (SUAG) had organised a gardener to deal with the path which led from Shipyard Lane, off the A259, Rye, to the allotments. In the winter and heavy rain it was impossible to use, as it was too muddy and slippery or too icy. The CIC, who previously ran both Rye allotments, were supposed to make the path safe but did not do so before ending their reign. This left it to the SUAG committee to take it in hand and put out a call for help on the day. They received funding from the wind farm to pay for what was needed.

At nine o’clock on the day, Leigh Dunford, the contracted gardener, came early and helpers arrived soon after. Leigh did the heavy work removing the top soil. Then the present plot holders queued up to take the grassy earth to another plot which eventually would be picked up by the person who asked for it. This plot was not too far, others had to go with their wheelbarrows to the other end of the allotment to collect gravel earth which was delivered the previous day, bring it to the path to lay the new top level to walk on. Soon, everybody knew their position and it was like clockwork as we passed each other, getting out of the way to let people through.

At a half-way point all were pleased to pause, meet on yet another plot with lots of chairs and enjoyed coffee and tea, cake and banter. It was a real community venture and group spirit. Though there was quite a bit of grafting, pushing earth back and forth, we had a lot of fun and laughs. By lunchtime the path was finished with a much better surface and consistency to deal with rain (hopefully). We will just have to see after the next solid rainfall but for now, allotment holders at that end have decent access to their plots.

Image Credits: SUAG working group .

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