Harbour’s welcoming Monday Club


Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word or a listening ear, but the smallest acts of caring have the potential to turn a dull unfriendly day into something special.

In a world that is getting increasingly busy for many people it is important for every community to look after people who live on their own and those who need a kind word or two in their day.

Sandra Crawley and Julie Downey in Rye Harbour run a club each Monday morning from 10:30am until noon and serve tea and coffee and a slice of cake to those who come along, ably supported by Ted and Margaret.

Martin Bruce plays the piano, the concertina and sings local shanty songs, and just lately has been teaching everyone origami and KT Bruce treats them all to a hand massage, which they look forward to.

At Christmas Sandra organised a buffet lunch with secret Santa and party games and everyone had a super time and it is a time for people to come and chat and feel looked after and there is lots of laughter and a feeling of companionship.

We have had visits from our community police too who update us on local matters and everyone is welcome and we have people in their 40s right up to their 90s and we all get along well. Please feel most welcome and come and join us any Monday from 10:30 until noon at the Rye Harbour village hall.

Image Credits: KT Bruce .

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