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For over thirty years Graham Ellis, who was brought up in East Sussex, lived an idyllic life off grid on Hawaii teaching circus skills. He’s been telling Ryecast about his adventures on the volcanic island, and how it all came to an end thanks to former US President Donald Trump and a decades old cannabis conviction.

Deported back to the UK, he’s been living in Rye for the past year teaching juggling, giving talks on environmental sustainability, and playing an active part in the Rye Community Garden where he’s the compost expert. “It was traumatic when my wife and I got the knock on the door from the Immigration Department. I was detained for 5 days and eventually ordered to leave. Rye is our home now. And whilst it’s been really difficult for my family in Hawaii, I now live near my mother and sisters who are happy to see much more of me”.

You can hear more about Graham’s story on this week’s Ryecast. Find it wherever you listen to podcasts or by clicking on www.ryecast.org To suggest a story email Ryecastsussex@gmail.com and if you want juggling lessons or advice on sustainable living from Graham, his email is alohajuggler@gmail.com

Image Credits: James Stewart .

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