Kino competition time


Since 2010, August 19 has been marked as world photography day, a day which celebrates the journey of the photograph. It celebrates the art, the science and the history of this universal language. Photography cuts across social and linguistic barriers and creates memories. In 2010, 250 people signed up to support this day and it now reaches a global audience of 500 million.

Gone are the days when photography was restricted to a limited few. Smartphones have opened up a whole new way of capturing memories that stay forever.

The early custom for people not to smile in photographs came from the thinking that wide-mouthed toothy grins were considered inappropriate because they were associated with madness, drunkenness or immature behaviour.

To celebrate this art form, Kino Rye is running a photographic competition on the theme of “Memories”. Please email your entries to by 5pm on Saturday, September 17 for your chance to win two tickets to the Kino.

Image Credits: Kt bruce .

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