Life changing injury support


The next talk of the Rye British Legion Social Group will be on Monday May 9 by Julia Molony about her organisation ‘The Ripple Pond’.  Julie set up The Ripple Pond in February 2012 following the serious life changing injuries sustained by one of her military sons, while serving in Afghanistan in 2009. ‘The Ripple Pond’ is a network of local self-help support groups across the UK, so that family members can get support from one another, as they come to terms with the challenges and changes that living with such injuries throws up.

In April 2015, ‘The Ripple Pond’ became a charity in England and Wales, and in March 2016, it was granted charitable status in Scotland too. There are groups in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

The talk is at 7:30pm at the Rye Club in Market Road, with a small cover charge of £2.00 and the all-important bar for refreshment.  Everybody is welcome!

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