Marine Training Corps’ first trip


Only a few weeks ago Rye News reported on the Marine Training Corps setting up a new branch in Rye. Local children have signed up and become involved. Recently a joint venture – a walk – took place with the youngsters from Rye, Ore, Sidley, Eastbourne, Seaford cadets, volunteers and some parents.

This event was organised by Ore unit leader Richard Jarvis as he wished to raise money for the charity Combat Stress which is there for every veteran that needs help. The charity provides clinical treatment and support for veterans from the British armed forces. Their focus is on those with complex mental health issues.

Marine Training Corps Bewl water walk

Lt Colonel (MTC) Vitalija Grundaite summed up the day: “Richard invited all cadets to tag along and what a brilliant day we all had. The walk was wet and muddy but the smiles haven’t left our faces since. During the walk cadets were doing some fieldcraft lessons, too, like camouflage and concealment and how to build the basha. Some cadets ended the walk with a celebrational jump into the lake.”

For information:
To build a basha you will need to locate two trees or saplings a little wider apart than the length of your stasha (a traditional rectangular shaped cover to sleep under to protect you from the elements ) and run a bungee to each from the corner eyelets. Once you have done this pull the stasha back to form a sloping over-cover and stake this out using two tent pegs for the rear eyelets.

Image Credits: Marine Training Corps .

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