More potholes mended


There is not much that can be done about the condition of the High Street until the full road width is restored outside the George Hotel, as Councillor Keith Glazier has told us. This work is firmly scheduled for 2022.

However, East Sussex County Council has demonstrated that it will respond to individual instances elsewhere, either where public safety is concerned or there is serious risk of damage to vehicles. One area that is continually exposed to heavy wear is at the junction of the High Street and East Street; potholes have resulted from the road surface being repeatedly gouged out.

Less than 12 months following the last repair, as reported in Rye News the carriageway had again deteriorated dangerously. It was reported to the council via the FixMyStreet website on November 23 and within three days workmen had painted white rings around the two worst potholes, one measuring more than a metre long by 30cm wide and 4cm deep. One week later, by December 2 the two areas had been filled with black tarmacadam. It remains to be seen how effective this latest repair will prove.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .

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