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United States presidents and watercolour painting are two fascinating and rewarding weekly adult learning courses from the Workers Educational Association (WEA) that start in Rye next week.

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For those looking to kick-start or improve their artistic skills Judy Sillem will be leading a popular course called “Watercolour Painting for All” starting at 10am on Tuesday, January 7, at St Mary’s Centre in Lion Street. The course is designed for all levels of experience from starters upwards and Judy will help everyone find their style and develop over the 10 weeks in a friendly environment.

Judy says: “There will be short demonstrations- but the focus is on you and what you want to achieve. As a mixed class there is a variety of ability and lots of diverse ideas about what makes a good painting. I will offer individual advice and help. If you are truly a beginner there will be a ‘starter course’ which you can follow to begin with. There is an aim to have fun and make friends too.”

And Karen Chang (who is a graduate of Stanford University in California) returns to Rye with a course called “The US Presidents – Abe Lincoln and his Successors”. Over 10 weeks, starting on Monday, January 20 at 2pm, the class will look at how Abraham Lincoln having fought and won the bloody US civil war and having been killed before he could realise his vision for a unified future, and his successor Andrew Johnson who became the first president to be impeached, were followed by other presidents who sought to rebuild the nation.

‘Old Glory’ the American flag at the time of Lincoln

“We will look at the individual lives of the men who have held office and shaped the role, which is now filled by Donald Trump,” says Karen. “And we will cross-reference what is happening today in the US as the impeachment of a US president moves along!”

The class will also be held at St Mary’s Centre in Lion Street.

Each course costs £90 for the 10 sessions (each two hours long) and concessions may be available. The WEA is the country’s largest educational charity.

You can book online at or calling 0300 303 3463. Otherwise turn up on the day!

Image Credits: Andy Stuart/WEA .

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