New off-licence


On Saturday, February 4, Dzhan Mustafa took the bold step of opening up an off-licence in The Old Shed on Cinque Ports Street.

The Old Shed Off-Licence Cinque Port Street

Dzhan arrived here two years ago from Bulgaria and began working in Layla Mezze Bar and Grill as a waiter and then later in the Old Grain Store. Although he was happy in his work his dream was to be his own boss.

Living in Rye and enjoying a pint of beer he realised that on Sunday, which was his day off, he could not go into a shop and buy beers to take away. Also, after a long day at work, things were closed in the week when he had finished. His idea for his new shop was to open from 11am till 11pm and to stock beers from different countries that he had enjoyed.

This was his starting point and at twenty-four years of age he is full of enthusiasm and determination that he will succeed. He just needs the people of Rye to come and support him and spread the word. I will not spoil the surprise of what beers and wines that he stocks: why not drop in and find out? He wants to learn what his customers want and supply them in his shop.

Rye is a town where the businesses all look out for each other and support new endeavours. Dzhan is looking forward to meeting new customers and supplying some different drinks to try.

Image Credits: Kt bruce .

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  1. I have found that the off Licence has a unique character. Offers a versatile service that meets customers needs such as serving fresh coffee and ice cream. Soon they are offering home delivery. They are a great addition to the Town.


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