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What an exciting few weeks we’ve had at the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve! Some of you have already seen and experienced the new accommodation in the Portacabins (near Lime Kiln Cottage, above), and most who have, seem to like it. Footfall is slightly up already, and when the better weather finally arrives, I expect it to increase significantly, as the entrance is now directly onto the path.

Plans for the new Discovery Centre are coming along. We have a new lady here, Karen Rigby-Faux, who is here to help us drive the project towards a reality. Karen has compiled a simple survey – some of you may have already seen it on the Sussex Wildlife Trust website or on our Facebook , and indeed some of you may have already completed it – in which case, a big thanks.

Karen would really appreciate as many completed surveys as possible, as any data which demonstrates the importance of this Reserve that we can muster increases our chances of gaining support and funding for our huge project. You can access the survey here.

 And if anyone has the time and inclination to write a short paragraph or two, describing what volunteering here means to you, what motivation you get from it, what you like most about it, and why you wanted to become involved in the first place, we would really appreciate that. Just email your words to me at

Many thanks as always for all your support.

[Editor’s Note: The reserve was swamped by the tidal surge in December 2013 and Lime Kiln Cottage damaged. But long terms plans for the future were announced nearly two years later, and are now falling into place]


Photo: Mike Slavin

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