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Anneka Desrosiers, on behalf of Southern Cross Travel (SCT) in The Mint, wishes everyone a happy new year, and describes how they, as travel agents, are looking at the impact on the environment that visitors may have on destinations they send their travellers to (and those staff visit on their own holidays). With this in mind she gives a few of their travel tips for a more ethical and sustainable approach to planning the next holiday.

Avoiding all-inclusive holidays is one idea, as just booking breakfast and having lunch and dinner out in the local establishments gives back to the community which relies on tourism – and it is also a much more authentic experience.

The purifying water bottle can be used from any water source

Reducing plastic waste when travelling at home or abroad is helpful and SCT are proud to be supporters of watertogo.eu, a company which produces re-usable filter water bottles which can be used across the world and turn water from almost any tap or river in to safe drinking water. People booking their holiday through SCT can get a 15% discount code for one of these bottles. People can also re-use other water bottles and save plastic waste.

Anneka also encourages travellers to try and choose an eco-friendly hotel. There is a great selection of eco-resorts worldwide which monitor their environmental impact and she can help you to find them.

Also, if at all possible, train travel is the best way to help carbon reduction, is more leisurely and gives time to look at scenery. SCT has a lot of information on fantastic rail journeys and can help with tailor made itineraries in many countries.

A last suggestion from Anneka is to use companies which support a local charity or community programme.

Paperbark Camp, a tented eco-resort which we love in Australia

She adds: “There are countless ways to reduce your footprint when you travel so why not make 2020 the year of ethical and sustainable travel? One small step can make a difference – if we all alter just one of our travelling habits, we may protect the world that we all so love to explore.”

For travel inspirations email: contact@southerncrosstravel.co.uk or phone 01797 229 200

Image Credits: Heidi Foster , watertogo.eu , Southern Cross Travel .

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