Pearls of advice for men


Men are the target of a late night shopping experience at Siren and Pearl in Rye’s High Street on Thursday December 11. Doors will stay open until 8pm for an event designed for men in need of guidance as Christmas approaches. Gilly Wheatley and Kim Sayer, who run the lingerie shop, will be offering mulled cider and nibbles along with gentle advice. This will be the third year that the boutique has held the event. Some men come on their own, others arrive in small groups on their way to the pub. The atmosphere will be warm, open and non-judgmental.

Those looking for special and thoughtful gifts for the ladies in their life often need help with size and style. Wheatley said: “Although we welcome men at any time, some might feel more at ease attending an event designed for them.”

This year the duo are encouraging women customers to set up a wish list along with a database of sizes and preferences. If this isn’t an option, the boutique recommends that men have a look in their partner’s underwear drawer, focusing on garments at the front as these are the ones that will be worn more often and probably fit the best. If men have an idea of size, this is a great start and staff can work out style by asking a few questions.

But what about the man who turns up having no idea what his woman’s size or taste is? Help is at hand. Wheatley and Sayer would suggest a pretty pair of briefs or some other smaller item, or, perhaps, a gift token (viewed increasingly favourably by women rather than as a thoughtless cop out). Siren and Pearl offers a fitting service as most British women wear the wrong size bra – having the right one can have all sorts of associated benefits, not just more comfort and confidence, but in some cases better posture and less back or neck pain. Boutique staff use fitting bras to ensure a proper size. “Our service isn’t invasive. We don’t use tape measures and we don’t need to see people without their bras,” said Wheatley.

For the man who wants to leave with a full gift but is otherwise confused, there are lots of options, possibly a beautiful lacy chemise. The ones I saw would be very welcome. All items are exchangeable so mistakes can be rectified. For more information about the evening, email  Siren and Pearl or call 01797 224116.



Photo: Ray Prewer

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