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Rye News has been asked by some of our readers to provide more news, information, previews and reviews about all the things happening at Tilling Green and Valley Park. The editorial team agree that this is a weakness in our coverage and would like to improve it. To be really effective, the paper needs some correspondents on site, like Dan Lake who helped for a long time, and still contributes when he can do so.
To give the area some context, Tilling Green Estate was built in the 1950s and houses 25% of the local population. With Kings Avenue, the other side of the town, 40% of the population live in these two communities. Valley Park, more recently built and yet to be finished, is a 2010 development and in 2015 a new pedestrian bridge was installed to link it better to Rye and Tilling Green. Two shops serve the locality just up the road from the Community Centre, busy and used by both Tilling Green and Valley Park communities.
The most obvious place to start, for anyone unfamiliar with the geography, is the Community Centre in Masons Road. Open for bookings from 9am to 1pm, a visit to the efficient Janet Tiltman is a very good beginning. Showing a board full of activities taking place at the Centre, she took the time to explain that there are regular sessions, for example the photo club and weight watchers that go on, with a number of others that have a more limited lifespan.
Exercise classes are particularly popular in January and February, membership naturally fading off as fitness and the weather improves! There is a craft group every Monday, bingo every 3rd Thursday of each month and the Camera 1066 Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Never forget the Swap Shop, paired with St Mary’s Centre and frequently covered by Rye News. Children’s parties are a regular weekend event. The costs of hire are small, classroom space for £8 an hour, hall for £10 an hour  and with the kitchen included, £15 an hour.

Who’s here!

Regular events

A full programme of the activities at present taking place in Tilling Green community centre has been provided and will be found in the Events section. A suggestion that bookings might have dropped off during the recent and ongoing debates about the Centre’s future is not true. Slimming World decided to move, but everyone else has remained. Other activities that have stopped have not been because of the uncertainty about the future. This seems very encouraging .
So, is there anyone interested in providing Tilling Green news? Whilst able to do the  listings update, Rye News needs volunteers who can keep our readers on track with the news, are attending events or want to publicise them. Events listings are free,  just send your information and your news to . We would love to hear from you!

Photos: Gillian Roder

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. I noticed that you mentioned all the clubs of Tillinggreen, also I saw that the 6 years old computer club is part of it (Every Thursday 2 to 3.30 pm beginner session, 5.30 to 7 pm Mixed ability.). Thanks you for all your concern.


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