Quiz for “Quick Thinkers”



1. Which are there more of: Inches in a mile, or Sundays in a thousand years?
2. Which are there more of: Seconds in a week, or feet in 100 miles?
3. Which is heavier: 1000 kilograms or 1 ton?
4. Which is longer: 250 centimetres or 8 feet?
5. Which is longer: 666 days or 95 weeks?
6. Which is longer: 666 hours or 28 days?
7. Which three numbers give the same result when they are added as when they are multiplied together?
8. Can you think of a common English word containing two double E’s?
9. Can you think of a common English word of nine letters containing five E’s?
10. Which is the odd one out in this series – in, on, at, over, below, behind, before, after, even, beside?
11. Which is nearest to the equator – Glasgow or Moscow?
12. How many different cricket teams can be chosen from a list of seventeen players – is it 187, 1870, or 12,376?
13. Give a word for the apparent movement of an object caused by the change in position of the observer
14. Give the dates of the term in office of US president John Kennedy
15. How many yards are there in a mile?
16. Approximately how many pounds are there in a kilogram?
17. Which historical instrument document was signed on December 10th 1936?
18. In heraldry, what colour is sable?
19. Which two countries are separated by the Denmark straits?
20. If you practised stoicism what would you do?


1. Inches in a mile (63,360) (52,000) Sundays
2. Seconds in a week (604,800) ( 528,000) feet
3. 1 ton
4. 250 centimetres
5. 666 days
6. 28 days
7. 1,2,3.
8. Teepee
9. Beekeeper
10. ‘Even’, the others are all placing words called prepositions
11. Moscow
12. 12,376
13. Parallax
14. 1961-1963
15  1,760
16. 2.2
17. The Instrument of Abdication
18. Black
19. Greenland and Iceland
20. Abstain from pleasure

Image Credits: Rye Cricket Club .

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  1. The answer to question 20 is incorrect – stoicism is the ability to bear pain. Anhedonia is the avoidance of pleasure.


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