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On Saturday, October 21, the community centre on Conduit Hill hosted a health day, offering taster sessions of various remedies to help to stay healthy. Publicised widely, it was very busy most of the day and people took advantage of trying something new or found more information about what they were already interested in. For a break there was coffee and tea available as well as lovely cakes – some healthier than others.

There were different times for specialised talks on the stage, away from the stalls, where groups could learn about meditation, crystal healing and other topics concerning well being. Several individuals gave hand massages, others showed the benefits of Reiki, intuitive readings, pilates / yoga, Bach and flower remedies. At the Emily Holland Wellness stall the person was giving advice on how to deal with food intolerance and how they could help with IBS, vitamin and mineral deficiency, low energy, headaches and skin conditions. To contact them phone 07803 177613 or via

Very interesting was the short introduction to electromagnetic therapy (physiospect, scenar and rife therapies) given by Simon Goodrich. The individual having the taster put on large earphones which apparently give electronic signals to the computer. It scans all the body inside, separately: the heart, kidney, blood etc and Simon shows on the big screen exactly where there might be problems that need to be addressed. Amazing. Simon can be reached at 07768 096784 or

Anyone interested in a sound meditation session should go to the community centre, every Tuesday at 6:30pm – 7:30pm (with yoga mat and blanket). Please contact Benjamin at or look at

There is a personal development group at the Elysian Centre, 18 Cinque Port Street and for people who would like to try something new or get more information about the above, they can go on any Friday afternoon to the community centre between 1pm and 4pm.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .

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