Rye College students write

 The first of a series of articles from Rye College and written by the students.
A School Council has recently been formed, currently consisting of 12 students but increasing to around 20 next term. We, the School Council, were tasked with improving the outdoor areas and were allocated a grant from the Rye Academy Trust governing body for a total of £1000, which although it sounds like a great sum of money, doesn’t actually go very far in the real world!
We decided to invest in some picnic benches for the students to use during break and lunch to enjoy the warmer weather and relax with their friends. To our horror we discovered that we could only afford one picnic bench made from concrete. After much searching, we found a great local supplier who was able to make us eight benches at a bargain price as they were made from recycled wood which had originally been a skate board ramp! This not only meant that they were strong and sturdy but were also within our price range and should be able to last for several years, so many thanks to Tech1 carpentry.
Our students love them.
As the summer term comes to an end we have to say a fond farewell to Executive Principal, Mrs Cockerham who is retiring this is year and will be sadly missed by all students and teachers. In her place we welcome Dr Gillespie to our school and an exciting new year. The Student Council look forward to working with the new challenges they will face next term. Have a great summer!

Photo: Kenneth Bird

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