Shucks, time to get cutting


I wandered down to Market Fisheries at Simmons Quay on Saturday morning, February 20 for a demonstration of shucking / cutting scallops out of their shells and I met Russell Drew, who was showing how it was done.

He certainly was fast and he said he had been able to do 10 dozen scallops in 10 minutes. I asked him if he ever cut himself with the knife and he replied that the biggest danger was cuts from the shells themselves.

I enquired what was Russell’s favourite way of cooking scallops and he said he preferred them served with smoked bacon. But there were lots of other recipes to sample.

I must confess it was a bit early for a snack, but they looked very tempting. And fear not, if you missed the demo last weekend, “Talk and Taste” at the Market Fisheries at Simmons Quay is available again this coming Saturday February 27 from 10 until noon

Photo: Ray Prewer

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