South Undercliff allotment barbecue


South Undercliff Allotment Group held their spring barbecue on Monday. A group of about 30 people and one dog.

These events are a rare opportunity for the allotment community to meet, eat, and share news (and wine) together. A huge spread of salad, burgers and sausages for the barbecue and even various relishes from allotment grown vegetables. For afters, various cakes and pies were also shared.

One excitement at the event included an unexpected cat fight – an allotment-holder’s cat was chased onto the roof of a shed by a rather large Maine Coon invader. All ended well, if not peacefully.

A big thank you to the whole of South Undercliff committee for their arranging, cooking, and especially cleaning up. All enjoyed the event and are hopeful it will be repeated again in 2023.

Image Credits: Abigail Cooper-Hansen .

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