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In 1992 veteran producer Jerry Sherlock ­known for the film, “Hunt for Red October” (1990) and the play “Lolita” (1981)­ founded the New York Film Academy (NYFA). Now 25 years later Maria Ezobi from Rye Studio School has been offered a conditional offer from NYFA at their Los Angeles Campus.

The offer is based around her achieving 3 A ­levels, at grade C and above, or equivalent. In order to receive this offer, Maria had to develop and present a portfolio containing her work to two representatives who came from NYFA. She also had to have an interview with these representatives discussing her passion with filming and her interest in producing.

NYFA has expanded its circulation and global presence over the years. It has established campuses worldwide which include; Beijing (China), Paris (France), Sydney (Australia), Seoul (South Korea), Moscow (Russia) and of course Harvard University (USA) and Los Angeles (USA). NYFA provides students with the tools and know ­how that they can use in the real world, within the classroom, making the experience unlike any other.

Maria Ezobi is a student film maker, musician and actor who began her journey at the tender age of six. Maria was born in the Philippines and moved to London at the age of five. She began acting within class assemblies before developing a passion within the stage as a singer, dancer and actor. She said “I have always been exposed to filming due to large family events but only by joining the Studio School did I discover a passion within film making, primarily producing”.

She had discovered NYFA during year nine while researching acting schools. Now she has decided she would rather be on the other side of the camera, helping produce the masterpieces rather than being in them. She also stated, “ I feel that although the UK is a good place for filming, because of its vast landscapes, the US can give a new inspiration for filmmakers and producers alike.”

She is looking forward to learning all aspects of film and is excited about the opportunity. Her parents are very supportive and are ecstatic about this opportunity that has presented itself.

This is great news for Rye Studio School. There seem to be many stars amongst our unique college.

Photo: Abbie Donald

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