The Music for Well Being Choir


This 30-strong choir has joined together to create sound, and use their voices to raise money for better causes, while at the same time benefitting from the music and singing to help improve their own personal well being.

On Tuesday May 28, I had the chance to visit the choir at the scout hall and watch them rehearse. The ages were from 30 up to the eldest there, 98 year old David and they meet in the scout hall every Tuesday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

The light hearted atmosphere of the choir was enlightening as I heard the harmonies and actually joined in.

Louise Fletcher, the leader of the choir, she would set the note and the choir would match their harmonies. Many of the singers had solos, some of which were very inspirational and amazing. They went through all different genres of music from the latest pop music to old songs from way back when.

This choir is free spirited, and enjoy a good laugh through their rehearsals, after they all finished singing they went to the kitchen everyone was rewarded with tea, coffee, cake and biscuits.

Choir leader, Louise Fletcher can be contacted on her email,

Image Credits: Axa Arcadia .

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