The unchanging street scene

Black sack unsecured in Landgate

Monday is our refuse collection day. I was up and about in good time to witness the usual sight of unprotected bin bags spewing their contents over the pavement. A council employee was using a litter-pick to clear the mess – “it happens every week”, he remarked, his tone halfway between exasperation and resignation, “why can’t people put their rubbish in a bin?”.

More residents are now using the black hessian seagull proof sacks, such as supplied by Hastings Borough Council to many of its Old Town residents. I am not sure whether these are similarly available from Rother District Council or whether they are purchased from other suppliers. However, even these have to be used with care as shown in the photograph.

There is one other item that could almost be classed as litter (I don’t want to offend people, because I am one of the offenders). I’m referring to the motor-car, abandoned forlornly in the street and likely to remain there for as long as lockdown continues. My neighbour called out the AA breakdown service to attend to the flat battery and there is absolutely no doubt that I shall have to do the same, but when?

There is an amusing sequel to this story. Within 24 hours of my filing with Rye News, two very charming young policewomen came and knocked on the door to enquire if that was our car. It had apparently been reported as a suspected abandoned vehicle. Needless to say, assurances were given and received.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .

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