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This week’s Ryecast is a bit different – it’s a look back at some of the interesting people I’ve talked to in 2023. You can see some of them in the picture above, just a few of the friends and neighbours I’ve met whilst making the twenty episodes of the podcast this year. Recognise anyone?

I’ve recorded Ryecast on the river, on the beach, in a shed, in a garage, and loads of other places around Rye. There have been intimate one- on- one conversations and chats recorded in the middle of Rye’s big events. I’ve met countless people who’re doing something amazing in Rye and I’ve found out so much more about the town which is now my home. Huge thanks to everyone who has given their time to be interviewed.

I thought long and hard about coming up with a big theme for this edition of Ryecast… and then gave up. It’s really nothing more complicated than people who love our town sharing their stories, so that’s what you’ll hear this week. I’ll put a full list of who’s included on the website and I hope you’ll be encouraged to dip into the Ryecast archive, as there are now over 35 episodes up online. Just search for Ryecast wherever you get your podcasts or visit

I’ve a long list of locals to talk to in 2024, most of them suggested by Rye News readers or podcast listeners, but do get in touch with anymore ideas. The email is

Ryecast logo by Mark Baker

Image Credits: James Stewart .

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