Wanted: fit, strong rescue crew


Pett Level’s inshore rescue boat is looking for fit and active volunteers – men and women – to be on call. If you are over 16 and are tempted to join up then the Pett Level Rescue Boat Association wants to hear from you. The association is  holding a big fundraiser on Sunday August 24, an opportunity to get a better measure of what is expected.

Pett Level has one of the many independent rescue services that operate around the UK,  supplementing the work of the RNLI, offering fast and flexible help. For example, its rescue boat is often called upon to patrol Camber at busy times. RNLI boats can only be called out when an incident has been reported, whereas Pett Level can send a boat as a precautionary measure. Pett Level’s boat is also smaller than RNLI ones at Rye and Hastings, which means it is more agile and can access places that the RNLI service cannot. The emergency services can call on either or both services depending on need.

Its rescue service is entirely paid for by fundraising and enjoys a lot of support among the local community. Its open day includes a rescue demonstration and stalls. The fun starts at 12 noon. You can find the lifeboat station next to the Smuggler Inn on Pett Level Road, TN35 4EH. For more information, call the boathouse on 01424 812222 or visit their website.


Image Credits: Pett level IRB .

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