A whale of a time in Rye Harbour


Rye Harbour was buzzing last weekend with keen Christmas shoppers looking for a special gift.

Coastal Creatives display their wares
Coastal Creatives display their wares

For the 11th year Avocet Gallery hosted its annual Christmas Show, a firm favourite in the local craft diary, this year joined by Coastal Creatives whose work reflects their love of the great British seaside.

John Mills’ whales were a great hit and his fellow sellers, Laura Buchanan selling personalised jewellery, Anna Wilson Patterson artist, Sally Morris selling mouth-watering marshmallows and Meg Dodson and her brother had created a warm vibrant atmosphere.

On Saturday Rye Harbour’s village hall held its annual Christmas Fair. There were cakes and mulled wine and a range of crafts including a miniature version of Norton’s Hut, the iconic landmark at the Nature Reserve. Sheila, Carmel and Sarah sold home made crafts and there was an opportunity for families to have professional studios portraits taken in time for Christmas. Some people took the opportunity to have their dogs photographed too. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and a great time was had by all.


Photos: KT Bruce

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