When children go missing


At 5:28pm on Sunday 17 June, HM Coastguard requested the assistance of RNLI Rye Harbour to attend a sea search for three missing children off Camber Beach. Visitors to the beach were arriving before 8am that morning and as a consequence the beach was packed by lunchtime.

Pett Level rescue was requested to assist in the search, as the children had been missing for quite some time. Eventually they were found safe and well but unfortunately the mother of one of the children collapsed at the scene.

Whilst our Atlantic 85 and crew were waiting to be stood down, a call came from the Coastguard to search for two missing boys aged 10 and 11 who had been last seen with a yellow paddleboard. At the time of their disappearance, the tide was going out so it was essential to check that they had not been drawn away from the beach by the tide. The boys were also found safe and unharmed.

It is extremely distressing for parents to find their children are missing on Camber as it is such a vast stretch of beach, and the tides can be really tricky.

Keep safe on the beach: take home happy memories, not sad ones. Camber is manned by highly-trained RNLI Lifeguards, and they advise you to swim within the flags to ensure safety at all times. The lifeguards are there for advice too and, if children get lost, it is a good idea to tell them to go to the Lifeguarding station where they will receive help in being reunited with their family.

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