Whirling around The Salts


The Super Family Fun Fair was at The Salts from Saturday, May 18 to Monday, May 27. Opening each day from 2pm until late.

I went with a small collection of friends on Friday, May 24. Rides cost from £2 – £3 on most days. On the Wednesday and last Sunday they only cost £1.50.

The first ride we went on was the waltzers. This was a bumpy conveyor belt that held multiple, giant, half tea cups that could seat a maximum of four teens. They had a bar in front of us that we held as the conveyor belt started turning, the man in charge of this ride then span our seats so we are spinning while twirling round on the conveyor.

Freak Out comes in to land

The next ride we went on was called Freak Out, this was the tallest and scariest looking ride. As we paid and went to line up, the ride was just ending and the floor was rising as the ride came to a stop. As my friends and I were in our seats the bars in front of us were locked in tight. No escaping now. The floor descended and the ride began. We started spinning while the ride threw us backwards and forwards getting higher and higher, faster and faster. The adrenaline rushing through your body as you whip through the air down and back up again.

After that my friends went on a ride called Twister, a small carriage that seats 3 people; is connected to another on its opposite. These will spin clockwise, as the ride is spinning them anti-clockwise.

Getting off we all decided on a most “less spinning” ride as we put it.

We got on the bumper cars, it was £2.50 a car, these could fit 2 people in each so we rode in pairs. We got a little token that goes in the front of the car, then sat in, as the game began we started turning the wheel, we started going backwards and hit the edge so we turned it more slowly and it drove into my other friends’ car. We all started driving into each other and laughing away.

When the bumper cars ended my friends went into the park to rest and let off all their adrenaline. That’s when my friend Melissa and I went on Freak Out. Again! Everyone else chickened out going on it again with us.

Overall, we all had a really good time and was glad to spend it together with so many laughs.

Image Credits: Axa Arcadia .

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