Dull weather but not a dull race


Seven cruisers of Rye Harbour Sailing Club raced in Rye Bay last Sunday (October 12) over a course of some five miles in an easterly wind of force 4 -5. It was a dull overcast day and although we all expected rain it held off until we returned to our moorings.

The course took us from a start line a little way to the east of the river entrance to a club mark off Camber. A good start was made by most of the boats. Mystic Sky spotted a wind shift and tack and found that she could make the mark without having to tack again. Others were not so lucky.

On the next leg of the course to the Rye Fairway Buoy, Roxanne, a 38-foot Jeaneau, gradually caught up with Mystic Sky and the two boats rounded the buoy within seconds of each other.

The next leg towards Fairlight to a mark, Rock Channel Marine, a mile to seawards of the old lifeboat station resulted in Roxanne overtaking Mystic Sky before commencing on the last leg back to the starting line. Here Mystic Sky was able to sail closer to the wind than Roxanne, who appeared to be over pressed, and was overtaken both by Mystic Sky and Helena Anne. Mystic Sky crossed the line first followed by Roxanne; Helena Anne, with a small crew of two, had had a problem with a riding turn on a winch that had slowed her down.

This was the fourth race in the club’s autumn series, which has two more to go. The club website has detailed results.