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If you’ve put on a few extra pounds over Christmas or if you think it’s time to get a little fitter but joining a gym is either out of reach financially or you dread the thought of succumbing to a cross trainer then fear not, there is an alternative!

Gareth McCully and his team have the answer. If you have never met Gareth you are missing out – he’s a real character with a larger than life personality, wicked sense of humour and a refreshing attitude to life which is infectious. When you meet him you will know what I mean.

You can meet him and his team this Saturday, January 14 and if you haven’t already registered for his beginners class don’t worry it’s not too late, just go to and take it from there. Before you shriek with horror and switch off this is an opportunity for you to improve your fitness and stamina, to meet others in exactly the same boat and without feeling intimidated or marginalised.

His motto is “Nobody gets left out and nobody gets left behind”. Gareth is passionate about what he does and genuinely cares about everyone in his groups. It doesn’t matter if you are a plodder with no aspiration to be anything else or if you have your sights set on winning the next marathon, everyone gets treated equally and how far you want to push yourself is entirely up to you.

So if you would rather not go to a gym and surround yourself with fitness fanatics dressed in the latest designer gear, if you want to join in and take part with people just like you who want to make a difference to how they fee, l then just bite the bullet, give it a try. As from personal experience I know its great fun, there’s no pressure and I know it sounds corny but Rye Runners is like being part of a large family.

You don’t need expensive state of the art equipment, a decent pair of trainers will get you started and you get the chance to have a bit of fun whilst at the same time improving your fitness at a level which suits you. Oh and in case I didn’t mention it, the beginners course, starting this Saturday is free.

Professional, experienced coaches will listen to what you want to achieve, help you to reach your goal and look after you at every stage of the journey. Go on, give it a go, its never too late to make difference.

Image Credits: Gareth McCully .

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