Wednesday, February 21 2024

Lamb House

Celebrating Henry James

A special performance of words and music will commemorate the centenary of Henry James’ death at Lamb House

Time to spring into action

As the spring flowers appear other attractions and activities are also springing back to life

Lamb House, this year, this life

Murder, music and mayhem - Lamb House has been at the centre of events in the town in 2015

Lamb House entertains

Lamb House entertained once again, with its annual Christmas performance. Did it meet our 'great expectations'? John Minter reviews

Memories of James 100 years on

Next year is the centenary of American writer Henry James' death. The National Trust is appealing for information

How Mapp & Lucia came here

Not everyone who watched the BBC filming Mapp and Lucia in Rye recently will be acquainted with the books by E. F. Benson. Here an expert explains the background and why the author brought his formidable heroines to the town

Rye stars in television jewel

Tim Redfern meets BBC producers Susie Liggat and Lisa Osborne on the Mapp and Lucia set at Lamb House to discuss the production and filming on location in Rye

Mapp and Lucia eyed by a local

Filming is all very well but what do the neighbours think?

Following in Fred’s footsteps

A delightful afternoon was spent retracing the steps of one of the town's most creative writers, whose impact on Rye is as strong and valued as ever

Mapp & Lucia hit town

Spotting Mapp and Lucia: the BBC are in Rye for two months filming an adaptation of former Rye mayor EF Benson's series of comic novels. Tim Redfern will be commenting on the production itself and Charlie Harkness will observe how filming affects the town

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