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The answers to the quiz are:

  1. Rye Baptist Church opened in 1910
  2. Adams of Rye have been printers since 1853
  3. Rye Golf Club was formed in 1894
  4. John Wesley visited Rye 14 times
  5. The present cannon in Rye Gun Garden were installed to celebrate the 80th birthday of the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother – she was Lord Ward of the Cinque Ports
  6. On Boxing Day, to score a goal, three teams in Winchelsea try to seize a ball (smaller than a football) wrapped in cloth with a face painted on it, traditionally supposed to represent a Frenchman’s head
  7. The quarter boys on St Mary’s Church, Rye, don’t strike on the hour. They strike the quarter hours only
  8. The Romney Marsh landmark opened by The Prince of Wales in 1904 was Dungeness lighthouse
  9. The name given to the Rope Walk Shopping Centre when it was erected in 1873 was the Agricultural Hall
  10. In the 1950s Billy Bunter and Mr Pastry were Rye Fawkes and lit the Rye bonfire
  11. There is a memorial to Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert, on the Landgate Tower. The clock commemorates his death
  12. In Rye the lightest one weighs 6cwt 5lb and is 19in high; the heaviest weighs 19cwt 27lb and is 48in high. There are eight of them in total. They are the bells of St Mary’s Church, Rye
  13. William IV’s wife is commemorated in Rye in the name of a public house, now an internet cafe, the Queen Adelaide
  14. The most direct route from the Crown Inn to the Standard Inn is to cross Cinque Ports Street and go through Needles’ Passage
  15. There are three officially named passages and one unofficially named passage in Rye. They are Traders, Needles and Mermaid (leading to the hotel); and, unofficially, Landgate
  16. There are six estate agencies in Rye: Consider It Done, Foxwood Maclean, Standen Hodgson, Reeds Rains, Rush Witt & Wilson, Phillips & Stubbs
  17. Roads or streets in Rye prefixed with the word The are: The Grove, The Mint, The Strand, The Close
  18. The odd one out is West Street, the only one of the four named that is cobbled
  19. Shops currently trading in Rye High Street with Rye in the shop name are: Rye Health Store, Rye Deli, The Rye Bakery (Poppies), Soldiers of Rye, A Pocket Full of Rye, Rye Art Gallery, and Rye Shoes
  20. All four were gates to Rye: Strandgate, Landgate, Baddings Gate and Postern Gate

1-5 You did as well as most of us
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11-15 Superb
16-19 Brilliant. Drinks on you to celebrate
20 you cheated or you’re Dennis Leeds-George

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