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A pearl in our town’s oyster

The hottest thing to hit hot Rye in ages, carnival lights and sea urchins and yes, sale time. Britainy Rae is here once more to put some colour in your life

Straight out of a storybook

Mermaid Street is one of the loveliest places in the UK, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Rye sign top overseas bowler

Rye Cricket Club have pulled off a major coup: the signing of bowler Kshemal Waingankar, who has often scuppered the innings of touring English batsmen. More than that, he will also be coaching the local Colts

Rye still at the crease – 261 not out

The future for Rye Cricket Club looks secure as it is on the brink of making a major step forward with the granting in principle of a 99-year lease on the pavilion. Martin Blincow reports here on the club's annual meeting

Let’s go to the movies!

Our weekly look ahead to the films in Rye - at the Kino and our local film club. Our movie of the week, pictured above: "A most wanted man" at the film club on Conduit Hill. Inside, click on a movie title to see a trailer. Neale East reports . . .

Rye has a new Christmas wish list

It was the talk of the town: a poor, poor show last December. Too much fell on too few shoulders. But Rye's mayor and her citizens want to go to the ball again. Together they will forge a new, brighter, dreamy Xmas that we can all be proud of. Derick Holman and the town clerk give us the inside story

The silent hunters in our midst

They are creatures of stealth, silent unless staking out territory or calling for a mate and flying so soundlessly that their prey - and we humans - are usually unaware of them. But Rye has a resident population of three varieties of owl and, in winter, they are joined by their short- and long-eared cousins

Could you be a first responder?

Volunteers in local rural communities can help save lives by volunteering to respond to 999 calls through Rother Responders.

Making quick work of potholes

The county council has employed new technology to help keep our roads in good order. Jetpatcher, a device that cleans out crevices with a blast of high-pressure air before filling them, enabled more than twice as many repairs to be completed in the last three months of the year, at a fraction of the cost

CDR members to rethink its future

Thanks to the filming of "Mapp and Lucia", Rye is now the place to go. Local pressure group, the Campaign for a Democratic Rye, is examining its own role in boosting the town's future

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