Monthly Archives: August 2019

Appledore displays a floral showstopper

Appledore's flower festival delights visitors

Watch Freddie and help The Hub

Dont stop now - head for an outdoor screening of Bohemian Rhapsody

Be proud, be loud, be heard

A local shop joins in with the celebrations of the LBGTQ+ community

Has anyone seen my flamingo?

A dear friend is by no means off her trolley

Temperatures soar in Camber chaos

As the thermometer hit the 90s, crowds flocked to Rye and Camber

Council issues back on agenda

Traffic wardens are back on the agenda for Monday's town council meeting

Fish die as temperatures rise

Local seafronts were awash with whitebait, which had beached themselves in an attempt to evade predatory mackerel

Doodlebug dug up 75 years later

Marsh pilots shot down a flying bomb

All at sea for rafting fun

Rye Festival of the Sea has its third outing on Sunday, September 1

Nick will be Lib Dem candidate again

Nick Perry has been re-selected by the Liberal Democrats to be their candidate

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