Crowd controls needed

Chaos at Camber

When Camber is gridlocked and the beach is saturated with people , the only solution is for the police to take a far more active role and restrict the incoming vehicles down to a reasonable number for both parking and bathing.

Why is this not possible?

And they could hand out a leaflet saying “There are other beaches, folks” with a map to show Winchelsea Beach, Pett Level, Hastings, Greatstone, Littlestone, Dymchurch and St Mary’s Bay etc.

If a public event, such as a festival, reaches a certain number of people, police presence would be heavily increased – and it is so extremely unwise that this is not happening in overloaded Camber.

Image Credits: John Zammo Barlow .


  1. As a resident I find the traffic on any sunny day to be a major concern. Residents have to ‘police’ their streets and drives. We had a car parked on our corner which virtually blocked the road to anything larger than a transit van. Whilst I appreciate the police are often occupied with other issues such as lost children, what would happen if there was a fire? the air ambulance can come in if there is a medical issue but fire appliances would not even be able to reach the village, from either Rye or Lydd direction. Sadly I cannot see things getting better and a lot of the visitors are aggressive if challenged and told they can’t park wherever they choose.


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