Special offer – but who for?

The fence is broken, the Ferry Road site overgrown. But the four year stalemate over a supermarket for Rye is over. Both Sainsbury's and Tesco are walking away after locking horns since 2010, another retailer may be unlikely, and nearby schools need more space. But who will buy the site? And will Rye benefit - Charlie Harkness reports.

Didn’t we have fun . . . .

The party's over, a giant puppet slumps in the railway booking office, and after over 50 events the Arts Festival is done. . . . until next year. Art had a strong presence on the fringe events, 'freebies' included getting 'Brahms and Liszt' and learning to tango, and Rye's history got an airing as well as the arts with walks and tours. The schools played a bigger part, and those giant puppets were made by pupils - and will hopefully find a home to go to.

Where the bombs fell

At the point when memories start to become history, Rye was very much on the front line during the second world war, both when a German invasion seemed possible, and in the run-up to D-Day, and when Hitler counter-attacked by launching thousands of flying bombs at London - mainly over the town and the nearby coastline. So Rye was not immune from bombs (and planes) falling out of the sky. Charlie Harkness reports on his childhood.

Getting more control over planning

Residents have supported the broad ideas behind the Neighbourhood Plan, which could give the town hall greater control over Rye's own affairs. But education was omitted and, now the "supermarket proposal" has been abandoned and that land is up for sale, more issues and options have to be considered - including playing field provision. So a lot needs to be done between now and the planned vote on the plan next May alongside the general election.

1,000 performers in folk festival

Tenterden has a great line up of events for its 22nd annual folk festival this weekend. The streets will be filled with Morris men and women, clog and garland dancers and giants

Scoutfest at new building

Time to get knotted - or learn about dough twists and bottle rockets - as Rye Scouts celebrate new premises near Rye Leisure Centre with a "Scoutfest" this Saturday, October 4 from 10am - 4pm.

Mary gives life and hope to others

Mary Shipstone, the girl murdered in Northiam, lives on now in five other children - and with a fund that will help charities treating child trauma

Skip slip just misses car

Safety did not appear to be a top priority when skips were being removed recently in central Rye. Luckily, the mayor was on hand to step in to prevent further damage being caused by the precarious load

Park and ride to ease jammed roads?

Parking is a major issue for Rye residents, as a recent survey shows. A High Street loading bay is on the way, "park and ride" is a possibility and some sort of "pedestrianisation" might be introduced. But the reality, for now, is traffic jams, roadworks, vans on pavements, streets blocked, and no one taking responsibility. Charles Harkness reports

Car crash victim named

The motorist killed in a car crash on the A259 at Rectory Lane, Winchelsea, in the early hours of Tuesday September 23 has been named by...

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