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Last July I wrote an article, Tower Street gets special treatment, which highlighted the opening of Richard Hibbs’s new osteopathy practice in central Rye. I had never met Richard but had heard great things about him and any new business opening locally deserves promoting.

I’m in the process of a major property renovation at the moment and whilst taking down the scaffolding I felt something ‘twang’ as I twisted my back, “this doesn’t sound good” I said to myself, and by the following morning I was in agony, not able to bend, sit up properly or do any basic functions and felt helpless.

I tried all the usual potions including tiger balm, heat patches, hot water bottle and others. Some made a difference but not enough to get me mobile again. With lots to do and deadlines to meet something had to change and fast.

In conversation with friends of ours they had reason to visit Richard Hibbs over an old sporting injury, they were very complimentary about him and his practice but having never been to an osteopath before I felt a little sceptical and under the misconception that osteopaths were for athletes only (which I am not!) but I made an appointment and Richard saw me very quickly.

This is where it all started

It really is a misconception that osteopaths mainly deal with back injuries but if you look at the photo of the window graphic below you will see that they cover a vast ‘menu’ of treatments so having seen this I felt much more at ease.

What can an osteopath treat?

Inside the waiting room and the clinic were spotlessly clean and as we were just coming out of the worst of Covid, masks were worn by us both. After a brief questionnaire and a chat about my injury Richard started his treatment. At no time did I feel uneasy or uncomfortable (apart from the back pain) as Richards obvious professionalism made me feel at ease and relaxed. I put my trust in him and he worked his magic.

After my treatment I booked to return and was given a demonstration on how his prescribed exercise regime would help me to get back to normal again and, as painful as it was at first I stuck with it and within a week was up and walking, within ten days I was back full tilt on the renovation.

I should have gone back for my second ‘session’ but felt so much better that I postponed and then decided not to return as the pain had gone and my mobility was 95% back as it was.

Rye Osteopathy on Tower Street.

If you have issues which you think Richard could help with, do get in touch with him, his hours offer great flexibility, his terms are very reasonable, he is very good at what he does and most importantly, he gets results, good luck!

Rye Osteopathy is at 14 Tower Street, Rye and you can make an appointment with Richard on 07368 379454.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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