A fabulous quintet


After a weekend of jazz one would have been forgiven for being slightly jaded by Bank Holiday Monday. But with the sun shining, the Butter Market was packed with enthusiasts listening to The Fabulous Red Diesel. And they were fabulous.

The Fabulous Red Diesel are one of the funkiest bands around and they delivered funky beats, great vocals and an animated performance. Created in 2005, the Hastings based band are a jazz/funk quintet with echoes of Funkadelic and the Meters and have previously played at iconic venues such as Glastonbury, the Jazz cafe (both in Camden and Berlin), the Mean Fiddler, and the 100 Club.

Ian Bowden, the director of the Rye International Jazz & Blues Festival said, ”An amazing and original band with excellent musicianship, outstanding arrangements and infectious grooves that got the crowd to their feet demanding more!”

Photo: Kevin McCarthy

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