Rapture at Bibb-lical concert

Bibb and his band commune with the audience

The world-renowned blues musician Eric Bibb enthralled a packed St Mary’s church on Sunday August 27 and gave a performance of exquisite songs delivered with a warmth of personality that had the “fine congregation” in the palm of his hands.

Highlights of his consummately professional set included classics like ‘Guru Man Blues’, ‘The Needed Time’ and ‘With My Maker I Am One’. Newer songs from his “Migration Blues” album such as “With a Dolla’ In My Pocket” and “Refugee Moan” were warmly applauded as was “On My Way To Bamako” inspired by his trip to Mali with the Malian singer Habib Koite.

Simple rhythms and pure lyrics had the audience on their feet and Bibb’s honeyed vocals would no doubt have made his godfather Paul Robeson proud. Bibb joked that he would like to return to Rye for a six hour concert – please do Eric, please do!

Photo: Tony McLaughlin


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