Art gallery sales continue

By the late John Owen - Bank holiday (but not for sale)

Yet again Rye Art Gallery, like most shops in the High Street, has had to close and there is no indication as to when it may be possible to open again – and financially it is devastating all round. However, the good news is that the gallery has a website on which the work of the artists can be viewed and bought.

The website includes a selection of new and featured artists with details of their work for sale and you can click on the link below which brings up the menu, where you can peruse different and varied art from Emma Turpin, Sally Cole, Fred Cuming (RA), Branka Vrhoveski Stanton and many more.

And, of course, any support in endeavours to keep the gallery afloat is very much appreciated. For any questions, staff can be contacted between 11am – 5pm via and on the website .

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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