Art talks at Rye Art Gallery

Louis Turpin talks about life and painting

On Wednesday, September 15 Rye Art Gallery (RAG) director Dr Julian Day invited Louis Turpin to give a talk about what art means to him. It was good to see Louis relaxed within his solo exhibition, which is on until September 30. He told the audience a little about his recent health issues, which took a toll on what he was able to do. However, now well again, this exhibition came at the right time encouraging him to get back to what he loves most, painting.

Louise Simkiss chats with artists, from the right David Lock, Diarmuid Hester and John Wiltshire

On Saturday, September 18 RAG offered up another talk with three artists who are also exhibiting in the gallery. Art historian and gallery trustee Louise Simkiss discussed with the  painters why Burra’s art and life was and still is so influential in the art world and what interested them to influence the path in their art.

The gallery is open Monday to Saturday between 10:30am and 5pm, Sundays and bank holidays from 11am to 4pm. For more information please contact, or their website or phone 01797 222 433.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster , Rye Art Gallery media .


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