Inspiration at artists’ open day

Artist Andrew Viner welcomed visitor to his studio space during the artists open studio day at the creative centre

Over twenty inspiring artists, designers and creators, opened their studio doors to the public for the first time in over two years for an artists’ open studio day at the Rye Creative Centre, last weekend.

This opportunity to meet artists, engage in discussion, and even purchase some of their work, brought a lot more people than expected. The car park was full, the café ran out of coffee, and as one artist told me: “It’s just fantastic to see such a positive response from the public.”

Painter Andrew Viner said: “It’s the first open day for two years and it’s nice to open up again. The centre has had a re-vamp over the pandemic and it’s a great space to work in. Sales have shot up. People seem to have spent more money beautifying their homes and offices during lockdown.”

Andrew, who has been painting “semi-full-time” for the last six years, has just sold a consignment of 12 paintings to Liberty, the flagship London department store.

From sculptor Stephanie Rubin, to the gem-inspired creations of Paula Macarthur, and from the towering cityscapes of Jenny Pockley to the “English romanticism” of Luke Hannam, there was an artist and a studio to cater for every taste.

Artists’ Open Studio day at the Rye Creative Centre: Jenny Edbrooke in the Studio, with Hastings artist, Lee Warren

Jenny Edbrooke describes herself as a ‘facilitator’. Working with adult social care, her studio provides a space for artists with disabilities to remain positive and creative. A space of multi-disciplined creations, her role, she says, “Is to help bring out the best in artists working with disabilities.” An inspiring role in itself.

Image Credits: Chris Lawson .


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