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Why Will?

Artistic director, Stephen John said “We are so looking forward to welcoming our audience back to Half House Farm, Three Oaks this summer, it has been so empty without you all! After over a year away from the stage, almost two years since a Half House performance and several cancelled projects in 2020, BC [Bowler Crab theatre company will] finally return. This summer we are bringing you a BC production like no other titled ‘Why Will?'”

Performed outdoors at the 16th century Half House Farm in Three Oaks (situated between Rye and Hastings), this is a one man show that explores Shakespeare’s most famous speeches and Stephen John answers twenty questions, the most prominent being “Why Will?”.

In an effort to answer why BC are a Shakespeare only company, Stephen presents his case to twenty socially distanced circles with twenty speeches from his eight years of running his theatre company. Presented in two 45 minute acts, Stephen performs as characters from Shakespeare’s finest works – from Hamlet to Benedick, to Romeo to Bottom, to Caesar to Jacques.

Tragedy and comedy lace this charismatic and personal performance as Stephen fights, feasts, frights, fakes and falls about laughing in every effort to share his passion for Shakespeare.

New layout for social distancing

He told us: “We still don’t know what restrictions will be in place for certain this summer but we aren’t socially distancing because we have to, we’re socially distancing because we want to; we want all our playgoers to feel safe and so a new auditorium layout will be used at Half House Farm. You will be booking a ticket for a circular space rather than the usual per person system”.

“Hay bales will be provided in the circles but your own lawn furniture or picnic blankets are also welcomed. Small circles seating up to two have a 2 metre diameter; large circles seating up to four have a 3 metre diameter; all circles are 1.5 metres away from their neighbours.

“Limited attendance is guaranteed for further reassurance of safety and as such we urge you to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

“There are free programmes with every ticket; we will not be running a bar but you are welcome to bring food and drink; safe toilet facilities will be available. If you are booking alone for a single space, please contact the box office on 07801 893115 for a specific custom booking. A photo of each circle from its position will be available on our website soon.”

To book spaces for “Why Will” go to:

Image Credits: Bowler Crab Productions .


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