Ethel loves local talent


An exciting new concept shop was launched on East Street in Rye on Friday July 28. The new store, called Ethel Loves Me, has been set up to celebrate and display the work by local artists.

Ethel Loves You will host a constantly changing roster of local talent including works produced by graduating students at Rye College.

The launch exhibition contains the work of Rye-based, former graffiti artist, James Tomlinson. James’s show, entitled “DEBRIS, Bits & Peaces”, incorporates new work alongside limited-edition prints and personalised cards.

His work mixes the personal with the political to powerful effect, exposing his views on the state of our planet and mixing an urban street style with a lyrical sense of natural beauty.

Ethel Loves Me is the brainchild of a trio of Rye residents: Jo Dorey, Matt Forbes-Dale and Jason Dorey, who wanted to set up a space to celebrate the broad range of local creative talent.

Ethel Loves Me is open daily with future exhibitions lined up with sculptor Rebecca Coates and artist Samuel Paradela.

Photo: Ethel Loves Me

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