Famous five nearly ‘ready to rumble’

Getting ready to brighten up a street corner
Lauren Loveless and Stuart Chester
Lauren Loveless and Stuart Chester, the driving force behind the’ famous five’

Rye News has previously reported on a piano journey which has been taking place, culminating in five guest appearances during the August bank holiday weekend at the Rye Jazz & Blues Festival.

The five ‘guests’ are our old friends the upright pianos which our generous readers kindly donated. We first ran a wanted advert, we had a great response and Bourne’s collected our five donated pianos which were whisked off to Rye College. There, Lauren Loveless (Head of Art) and her colleague Stuart Chester (see photo) got to work with their multi-talented students whose task it was to paint the pianos.

Painting nears completion

After completing a competition to produce a variety of designs the winning entries were then transposed onto the pianos (see photos). The results are fantastic! The students have been amazing and have gone the extra mile to make this happen.

When I visited them this Tuesday, July 16, they were painting away and in the background a CD player soothing them as they worked, playing a selection of jazz classics, the atmosphere was one of serious concentration coupled with a deep pride in what they were achieving.

Fantastic designs and such enthusiasm.

The finished articles will be available to photograph next week, I will update our readers at that point but if what I witnessed so far is anything to go by, the end result will be absolutely amazing.

Watch this space for the next update and if you fancy demonstrating your prowess on the day come along to the Jazz festival this August bank holiday weekend, pull up a chair and do your stuff!!

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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