JAM ends with Shellfish

A talking octopus offers wise counsel

The annual multi-arts JAM on the Marsh festival rounded up with an excellent performance of We Are Not Shellfish by Sabotage theatre company at St George’s, Ivychurch. Narrated by two goldfish and an octopus counsellor, the play told the story of a little girl Leah who is overwhelmed by the problems she sees around her, including environmental degradation.

One day Leah finds a message in a bottle, with a mobile telephone number of a refugee child living outside Calais. This boy is her only friend. Until one day, the texts stop coming. She hopes it is because he is out of credit but fears that it is not.

The goldfish are liberated from their bowl

Sabotage is a fascinating theatre company who are always worth seeing when they visit JAM. Their work is thought-provoking without being preachy and there is usually a local element to their stories.

We Are Not Shellfish will also take place on July 27 as part of the Folkestone Puppetry Festival and on August 30 as part of Deal’s Smugglers Festival.





Image Credits: Seana Lanigan .


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