Fertile territory for Lord Winston

Robert Winston

Lord Robert Winston is a polymath. A surgeon, scientist, television presenter, politician, peer and a massive supporter of the arts. One of the world’s leading experts on fertility, Robert is in conversation with Alisdair Kitchen in the 10th episode of RyePod, which goes live at 9am on Friday, July 10.

In a wide-ranging chat we discover how at school he was keen on the stage and acted with Jonathan Miller (a fetching Cleopatra) with Robert playing fan-bearer to a giant ego! And, having scored a hit at the Edinburgh Festival, he nearly became a theatre director rather than a scientist – following a divergent career path to Dr Miller.

Lord Winston talks about his life-long love of music and opera (he was chairman of the Royal College of Music until 2017) and, as a scientist and active politician, he gives his thoughts on Covid-19 and the government’s response to it so far. As a surgeon he is conscious of the crucial nature of teamwork and learning from one’s mistakes.

You can listen to the podcasts when you like, and also listen to previous episodes, so you can check out the Royal Opera House’s musical director Sir Antonio Pappano in conversation with Alisdair Kitchen in episode 1 and former Level 42 drummer Phil Gould talks to Alison Moncrieff-Kelly in episode 2. The variety reflects Rye Arts Festival’s multi-arts offering.

RyePod is widely available on all the major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. A full list is available at anchor.fm/ryepod

Image Credits: A. Kitchen .


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