First live theatre since Covid-19


Bridgepoint is the creative arts complex in Rock Channel and before the pandemic they offered a few pop up art and music performances. The weekend of September 26 the vast space was again transformed into a Covid safe performance venue. Light visors were distributed to wear when moving around or, if preferred, masks. The audience was seated  spaciously, two seats to a table around the stage. The lighting by Rob Casey / Tom Turner contributed to a very atmospheric mood in the large room.

Bridgepoint art event

‘Wingspan’ was created by Lynne Page, choreographer and director for film, opera, theatre and the music industry. This performance of contemporary dance, expressing agility and emotion, and the music, was her new and original work developed within the social distancing demands of performers from the people watching. The quartet, flautist and singer were sublime, haunting and touching. The audience were treated to Debussy, Bach, Shostakovich and Mozart which were well received.

Image Credits: Nick Forman , Heidi Foster .


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