First tango at Bridge Point

Alessandra Fasolo, right, Marcio da Silva and Boyon Ivanov

Bridge Point, Rock Channel was open on Saturday June 15, for a lovely music event in the first part of the art gallery. In the interval guests were able to view the Tapestry Project, in the second room, showing 27 embroidered panels of British history.

The environment was intimate and the artwork on the walls helped the ambience of the tango spirit performed by the talented Ensemble OrQuesta. The music was composed by Astor Piazzolla. The concert was organised, in conjunction with the Bridge Point team, by Marcio da Silva. Born in Brazil he is a composer as well as singer/pianist who formed the Hastings Philharmonic as well as this performing ensemble. His baritone voice resonated powerfully.

Alessandra Fasolo in her red dress was stunning and her voice was beautiful. She sang in Spanish but she was a wonderful actress and her gestures showed the anger, joy or passion of the content which helped to understand the song. The third musician, Boyon Ivanov, was a clarinetist extraordinaire. Whether it was a fast, slow tango or jazz piece he had the audience in his spell with his soft, measured, or fast accompaniments or solos. And the brilliant pianist held the ensemble together. It was a gem of an evening in the intimate, candle-lit art space.

The next event at Bridge Point will be Salomé from the Edifice Dance Theatre and Hastings Philharmonic Ensemble on June 27 at 8pm. For more information go to the Hastings Philharmonic website. To find out more about the Tapestry Project viewing days up until October and the exhibition, in September, of Fred Cuming RA, go to the Bridge Point website.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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