Hastings Tapestry back on show

Part of the exhibition

Hastings Tapestry consists of 27 panels made in 1966 by Royal School of Needlework to commemorate the 900th anniversary battle of Hastings. This has been reimagined by Director, Tim Hopkins and will be set amongst a new piece of music and film at the Bridgepoint Creative Arts centre on Sunday and Monday of the August Bank Holiday weekend, August 25 and 26.

Tim Hopkins says: “The Tapestry Project is a chance to see again a particular example of how Britain narrates itself, from 53 years ago, in the form of the Hastings Embroidery. Its images alight on older histories, drawn from other historic visualisations of events – some recent, others remote even at the time of their own creation – a layering of inherited associations, many derived from other artefacts and artworks, presented as episodes in a continuous record.

“It is also a chance to try to make a response, at a moment which feels charged with significance for our continuing story, when even the recent past is contested territory, and untold stories can be suddenly heard. Our project tries to imagine something of this dynamic texture, presenting the 1966 panels and a meditation on how we narrate a nation, in the form of a new audio-visual installation.”

The exhibition is a unique, immersive experience. This remarkable 275 ft long embroidery, showing 81 significant events in British History from 1066 until 1966, has languished in storage for decades and in previous years was exhibited at the old Hastings Pier.

Sunday and Monday August 25 and 26, 11am to 3pm. Adults £3, Children free.

If you miss it this weekend, there are just two more opportunities to see the tapestry this year:
Saturday September 14 and Sunday September 15
Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13

Image Credits: Bridgepoint .


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