Images in response to Paul Nash

David Foster, photographer and artist

The Rye Creative Centre, New Road, hosted an interesting photography exhibition onFriday June 9, with some wonderful and imaginative images, called “Photography in response to Paul Nash”. David Foster, the photographer, said “I use photography to explore the concept of place, often in the context of other artists – in this case Paul Nash.”

A Giclee print, no digital help 

Foster visited  Romney Marsh, Avebury, Iver Heath and other territory previously unexplored by him including Studland, Chesil Beach and along the Jurassic Coast. He says that he chooses places connected with the artists he likes and then follows in their path, allowing it to “become something of a guiding spirit to his own journey in and around those places.” In this particular series he began working extensively with double exposure photographs, engaging with what Nash referred to as: “the life of the inanimate object”, 

He also uses Giclee, a process by which high quality prints are produced using the high end of ink-jet printing, which produces an extremely fine spray of many different sized droplets. But this printing is so fine that there are no discernible dots or droplets on the final print.

David Foster loves finding carefully chosen objects (for instance this wooden piece) in Nash country

He also brought back some interesting objects he found when roaming in Nash country. The exhibition is well worth a visit and is open until June 30, from Wednesday to Saturday, 11am-3pm. There is an event coming up which sounds interesting, ‘In Conversation with David Foster and David McKean’, June 22 at 7pm in the Rye Creative Centre. This promises to be popular. Tickets are £5 with a donations bar. To book in advance please go to:  For more information about the exhibition or other work by Foster go to: 

Photos: Heidi Foster


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